Offshore Energy & Marine Insurance
We write the following classes of business under the facility:
Offshore Energy (physical damage, business interruption, liabilities, control of well, mobile rigs and construction). We can also cover onshore energy exposures such as tank farms, pipelines, gas processing plants. We cannot cover petrochemicals or refineries.
Geographical Scope: World-wide in respect of risks emanating from Assured in all Asian and African countries, the Middle East, the Russian Federation and the Republics of the former Soviet Union, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Papua New Guinea. To include but not limited to A.S.E.A.N. countries, all Arab countries, Israel, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Indonesia, China, South Korea and Taiwan.
Limit: US$ 33 million any one risk combined single limit.
We are aiming to provide services to the regional brokers in Australia, New Zealand, Asian and Arab countries. In order to help the regional broker in respect of small risks, we are prepared to accept up to 100% of a risk if the sum insured does not exceed US$ 5 million. Our maximum line size for sums insured in excess of US$ 5 million will be 50%.
Our Service to Brokers
We provide responses to any offer within 24 hours. In respect of endorsements or slip signing, we return them signed and stamped within 24 hours. We pride ourselves in regard to our claims settlement and we understand the importance of settling claims in a professional and speedy manner.
Security: Our binding authority is underwritten 100% by certain underwriters at Lloyds.
Key Contacts:
Adel Dawood (Underwriter)
Sidharth Sharma (Underwriter / Technical Manager)