Oil and Gas Contractors
Liability Insurance for Oil & Gas Contractors
We provide Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Cover to Oil and Gas Contractors in respect of the following categories:
  • Onshore painters/ contractors/ landscapes.
  • Caterers (excluding cooking)
  • Cleaners
  • Well Operators - Onshore
  • Pipelines Operators - Offshore
  • Caterers (cooking)
  • Well Operators - Offshore
  • Pipeline Operators - Onshore
  • Onshore Oilfields - Contractors
  • Drilling/ Workover - Onshore
  • Onshore Terminal Contractors
  • Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Contractors
  • Offshore Platform Contractors
  • Offshore Drilling/ Workover
  • Onshore Contractors - in Gas Plants
  • Onshore Contractors - in Oil Terminals
We can accept 100% of US$ 5 million limit. We will provide quotation within 24 hours and can bind cover immediately when receive broker's instruction.
Security: Our binding authority is underwritten 100% by certain underwriters at Lloyds.
Key Contacts:
Adel Dawood (Underwriter)
E-mail: adel@amir.com.au
Sidharth Sharma (Underwriter / Technical Manager)
E-mail:  sid@amir.com.au