Partnership Opportunities
Asia Pacific Region
AMIR is actively seeking opportunities to co-operate with insurance companies, insurance agents and brokers in the Asia Pacific region.
We can assist the local insurance companies to obtain reinsurance support on a wide range of risks either from Lloyd's Syndicates or from international reinsurers. We have assisted companies in respect of 'hard to place risks' including the following classes:
  1. Large Construction Risks
  2. Public and Product Liability
  3. Marine Liabilities including Terminal and Port Operator's Liability, Freight Forwarder's Liability and Ship Repairer's Liability
  4. Professional Indemnity
We can assist insurance brokers and agents who wish to develop certain niche areas of insurance. In countries where Lloyd's is licensed to underwrite direct risks, we can place risks with Lloyd's and issue a direct policy. In other countries, we can approach Lloyd's and other international reinsurers for reinsurance support.
Australian Market
We are looking to co-operate with underwriters and/or brokers with expertise in niche areas either in property or casualty classes to develop underwriting facilities either from Lloyd's or international reinsurers. We have successfully developed binding authorities in some of the most difficult classes of insurance and we can assist individuals with either underwriting or broking background to develop other underwriting schemes. We are prepared to offer equity shareholding to such individuals. If you are looking for a partner to help you achieve your plans we will be happy to assist you.